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Planners That Help Students Focus!
Planners That Help Students Focus!
Planners That Help Students Focus!

Empower the Potential in Every Student!

At PiQ, we know the importance of self-regulation, time-management, and organizational skills. We also know large class sizes, buzzing notifications, and addictive social-media feeds can distract students and make it hard to develop these skills.

It's our mission to create the most engaging school products on the market. Because if we can get students' attention, we can get them to plan. And if we can get them to plan, we can get them to develop the skills that'll help them reach their peak potential.

Our Products Help Students

Deflect Distractions
& Regain Focus

Child Focused Doing Homework

Take Accountability
for Learning

Teacher Helping Students

Keep Families

Parents Helping Child with Homework

The True Cost of Disorganized Students


Students missing homework deadlines and coming to tests unprepared


Lower academic


Parents' decreased ability to see what students should be doing


Decreased parental
involvement and support


Teachers spending extra time re-explaining homework assignments


Wasted class time
and burn out


Administrators seeing stressed teachers and students day to day


Declining mental health
and school spirit

All Backed by the PiQ Promise

We dedicate everything we do to our mission: to provide products and services that empower students to reach their peak potential.

Student Hugging their Planner

Product Innovation

New products focused on mental wellness, resiliency, and growth-mindset help support students during difficult times.

Customer Support Team

Customer Service

Our PiQ Advisors are here for you every step of the way! They can guide you to the solution that will meet your school's unique needs.

PiQ Delivery Van and Boxes

On-Time Shipping,
Every Time

We're committed to getting your products to you when you need them, and we stand by our word.

What Schools are Saying

One of the best wellness activities we found this year for our students is
The Wellness Activity Book by @piqpotential.
This book engages young minds and helps them develop strategies that
support mental wellness. We are loving it!~ Kingsley School, Toronto

PiQ is a reputable, reliable, and trustworthy organization. We have been
ordering school products from them for a number of years and have always
been pleased and impressed with the quality and craftsmanship.
Shipments arrive punctually and are always accurate. Overall, the experience
has been excellent and one we will continue moving forward.~ Nimo M.

The poster look great!
We are really happy with them and the process for ordering them
was much easier this year–so thank you so very much!
We also loved the banner that we received with them
and have proudly hung it up in the school.~ Christina M., Campus Coordinator

Harness Your Planners’ Potential

Explore downloadable resources that can turn your planners into life-changing tools that help students reach their peak potential.



Explore the science behind
planning and learn the
researched-based benefits.

Tip Sheets

Tip Sheets

Support students with
planning strategies that speak to
current events and challenges.

PiQ Potential
Get in touch with your PiQ advisor 1.855.479.8757