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PiQ Potential School Agendas
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Plan Your Day - Plan Your Life Get a Sampler
Order your agenda and receive a free gift! Learn More
Plan Your Day - Plan Your Life Get a Sampler
Order your agenda and receive a free gift! Learn More
Plan Your Day - Plan Your Life Get a Sampler
Order your agenda and receive a free gift! Learn More

Planners that Help Students Focus

Life can be overwhelming for students. And when it is, they feel stressed, insecure, and uninspired. When students learn to plan, they take control of their lives, learn how to deal with distractions, and focus on their priorities. Planning helps students emerge from the fog and see their potential.

To help students, our products need to cut through the noise to grab their attention and interest. Because if we can get their attention, we can get them to plan. And if we can get them to plan, we can help them build the fundamental skills and habits that enable them to deflect distractions, regain focus, and structure their days—the skills they need to reach their peak potential.

PiQ Planner Design Features

Intuitive layouts

Built-in planning tools

Maximized writing space

Infused thematic inspiration

Fun facts & activities

Developmentally-appropriate content

Our Planners

  • Deflect Distractions & Regain Focus
  • Take Accountability for Learning
  • Keep Families Up-to-Date
Children doing schoolwork in class

The True Cost of Disorganized Students


Students missing homework deadlines and coming to tests unprepared


Lower academic


Parents' decreased ability to see what students should be doing


Decreased parental
involvement and support


Teachers spending extra time re-explaining homework assignments


Wasted class time
and burn out


Administrators seeing stressed teachers and students day to day


Declining mental health
and school spirit

The Benefits of Planning are Clear
But Which Tool is the Best: Paper or Digital?

Both used together! Digital and paper planning tools both have their own set of unique advantages. While digital planning tools provide a quick and easy way to share information, homework and deadlines, PiQ’s paper planners offer additional ways to enhance student’s planning skills and also includes inspirational content fostering student’s personal growth. Using both paper and digital planning tools together creates a powerful productivity system!

Paper or Digital?

Create Change with Our Planner Families

Wellness Planner

Mental Wellness

With mental wellness content on every page, The Wellness Project planner gives students easy access to resources that support their mental wellness.

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The Explorer Planner
The Explorer

Global Citizenship

Filled with content that helps students examine their world and place within it, The Explorer is a budget-friendly planner option that piques students’ curiosity.

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Harness Your Planners’ Potential

Explore downloadable resources that can turn your planners into life-changing tools that help students reach their peak potential.



Get students planning faster
and better with informative,
easy-to-follow guides.



Explore the science behind
planning and learn the
researched-based benefits.

Tip Sheets

Tip Sheets

Support students with
planning strategies that speak to
current events and challenges.

PiQ Potential
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